Design Your Life

A blueprint on how to design your life. Sounds so typically 'Martha', doesn't it? Well, that's because it is. In 2006 Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia launched its fourth magazine: Blueprint. The slim glossy is filled to brimming with crafts, recipes and weekend projects for the younger set: think of a 25 year-old Martha Stewart and you've got your blueprint drawn. The photography is lovely and clean, the projects are surprisingly fun and easy and the recipes inolve everything from the perfect martini to the best grilled cheese sandwiches. There are articles on music, fashion, books and the latest design trends. One of my favourite sections is the "100 Things" column, which is a list of 100 sayings, fashion accessories, films or web links you will find yourself returning to as a fun source of information. Another nice feature is a detachable shopping guide based around a theme, like how to stock the perfect home bar or how to buy a couch that suits your needs. Roll out the blueprint and start sketching your plans!

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