From Taschen, with Love

Taschen has introduced a new series of elaborately illustrated, beautifully photographed and artfully arranged books on some of the world's most famous cities. Written and edited by Angelika Taschen, the books are lavish travel books filled with information about the best hot-spots in retail, the best hotels and the best places to dine - from the most extravagant to the most affordable. The chapters (Hotels, Restaurants and Shops) in each book are designed with tabs, making them easy to locate and flip through. There are maps in each book and the text is published in three languages. The photographs are typical of Taschen's standard: large, illustrative, full-colour portraits of the spaces in question. The books are must-haves for the arm-chair traveler, or for anyone who is planning a trip to these fantastic cities.
So far, only three of these big, beautiful travel books have been created: Taschen's Paris, the recently released Taschen's New York and the upcoming Taschen's London. I'm still holding out for Taschen's Toronto! (It might be a bit of a wait...)