Ralph Lauren, Fall 2009

Ralph Lauren's fall 2009 Collection is available to peruse at the company's website, ralphlauren.com. Visitors can watch the entire fashion show or view selected looks. Behind-the-scenes photos are up, as is a small feature about 'the Ralph Lauren woman.'

The theme for fall '09 is "Romantic Luxury" and Ralph has designed the show in four acts, based around four thematic groupings, which are shown below.

Modern Nobility.

Bohemian Heiress.

Eastern Odyssey.

English Rose.

I've selected a few of my favourite pieces from the collection, below, but I think the entire collection is a fine example of timeless elegance, which is Ralph Lauren's truest gift.
I love this patchwork tweed coat with its high collar, paired with the dusty rose scarf and silk-blend trousers.
Gorgeous beading on this sheer blouse, cinched at the waist by a pewter-buckled leather belt. A long, flowing skirt in a light cream tone gives the shape movement.My favourite of all the pieces: this long white coat with hand-stitched embroidery is lined with lamb's wool.


Anthropologie: Simply Red for V-Day

Befitting the crimson tide of cinnamon hearts about to flood our homes in the lead up to the 14th of this month, I thought it would be fun to compose a Valentine's Day wardrobe for the girl in me. The clothing, I decided, would all come from Anthropologie and it would all be red-themed or heart-themed, a flotilla of V-day delightfulness. My selections follow:
The With Love Tee is all about cardiac fulfillment, beautifully fitted and retro-patterned.

A close-up reveals the heart-shaped details. The bright, bold twin of the Little Black Dress: the Overcast Dress is the perfect antidote to the gloom of February days.

Brown buttons and a thick belt accentuate the bust and waistline, adding a subtle military angle to the style.

I love this raspberry blossom blouse with its draped fabric and floral motif below the neckline. It hangs beautifully on the form.

Add some tropical allure to the blah of winter days with the Fire's Path dress. Narrow clouds, unfurling dahlias and storks flutter in the detailing.
This blouse just whispers loveliness: The Museum Wings blouse.
Watercolour-style blossoms on a unique apron accent.

Experience post-bubble-bath luxury in the Spring Patch Robe.

Part Japanese and part Scandanavian, the robe is a tailored version of a crimson kimono.
Audrey Hepburn, eat your heart out. The stunningly simple and '50s retro style of the Flowers and Thyme dress will have you baking cupcakes in no time. A bold floral print on the skirt portion (above) a simple bow detail on the neckline and a draped belt accent on the waist (below) complete the perfection.

The Bandana Bag is ideal for the transportation of Valentine's cards or a well-packaged gift of chocolates. And how totally chic!

Brown leather detailing, white-stitched accents and a vintage floral patterned lining inside make it irresistable.
No Valentine's Day can be spent without a pair of red shoes. I love these Palladium Peep-toes with the wood-grained leather and tassled + beaded fringe on the toe. Gorgeous!

The Coccinella Peep-toe is a more refined look with its Mary-Jane strap and taller heel.

For pricing and availability visit anthropologie.com.