Going Green

Through no fault of my own, green is now my favourite colour - at least in the kitchen cupboard. A series of random finds at houseware departments around town (and around the world!), a few inheritances and some gifts have stocked my kitchen cupboards with an assortment of verdant treasures that I cherish.

Green has been declared the most soothing colour in the spectrum, evoking grassy meadows, swaying trees and overall luxuriance. It's no wonder more and more people are choosing it for their interiors.

Below are some examples of my random green collection, which will no doubt grow over time.

I love these green bowls by Isaac Mizrahi. They also come in solid yellow, solid red, striped red, cream and blue.

These handmade spoons were a find on a trip to Scotland last year. They were made in a town called The Bridge of Allen at a shop called "Village Glass." The bases are made of glass, obviously.

My parents gave me these "Dom Cafe" goblets. The restaurant has long since closed, but I love their emerald solidity. Red wine tastes divine in them, especially when served with pasta.

Another inheritance. My grandmother gave me this pair of Wedgwood drabware mugs. They were made in England, circa 1962.

There were dishes, too, in that Clovelly pattern by Wood & Son.

The Clovelly pattern.

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